b'NEW MANAGEMENT YACHT:DPA COURSEM/Y ERICAIn March 2019, Yacht Managers Tony Reaper and Jon Jeffreys attended the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) MCM is very happy to welcome the new M/Y Ericathe crew of Erica.Mark Dauplaise from MCM was ablecourse at Lloyds Register offices in into our management fleet. to visit the yacht in Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands during herTexas.Continuing education has Erica is a 49.8 meter, 499 GT Motor Yacht built byfinal commissioning phase to get a better understandingalways been a part of the MCM Heesen with design work by Omega Architects, interiorof the operations and specifics for this yacht, as well asphilosophy. Members of our team by Mark Whiteley Design and project managed by Nigelspend time with the crew during the visit. The crew willattend courses on regular intervals related to Ingram of MCM. The owner is a long time MCM clientbe utilizing the MCM fleet cloud-based managementupdating existing qualifications or advancing skills and former sailing yacht owner. MCM is also fortunatesoftware that MCM has initiated this year. within the Yacht Management operations.to once again be working with the very experiencedAt this time, the yachts schedule will have her spendingThe two-day course revolved around the DPAs long term captain for this project. This has allowed for atime in the Mediterranean, the US East Coast, and theresponsibilities and roles as directly related to the continuation of a great relationship with the captain andCaribbean all in her first 6 months of operation. International Safety Management (ISM) code.The DPAs role is to ensure the safe operation of each vessel, provide a link between the company and crew members, monitor the safety and pollution aspects of the operation of each vessel and ensure that they have direct access to the highest level of management.The course was well delivered by a knowledgeable instructor who utilized an open teaching approach with lots of questions and analysis of the material. Other participants in the course were from large commercial ship operations adding a different perspective that enhanced the discussions on the group exercises.The Lloyds team in Houston did a great job to fit the DPA course into two days without feeling overwhelmed and MCM now have four qualified DPAs to assist on our growing fleet of managed Yachts.RULES & Photo : Georges van Wensveen REGULATIONSThe 1st of January LLOYDS REGISTRY: 2019 saw the new Red Ensign Group ILO MARITIME LABOR CONVENTION 2006 (REG) Yacht Code come into force, replacing the previous MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY3). At time of press, many of the yachts in the MCM fleet have undergone their first surveys under the new Code, with the Captains and MCM Yacht Management Division working together to meet the new and existing requirements. MCM were pleased to welcome Peter Southgate, Regional Director and Yacht Code Specialist for the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, to our Newport office earlier in the year for an informal REG Code training session. This resulted in several highly informative and valuable roundtable discussions. The visit reinforced the Heather Vye and Mark Dauplaise attended the Lloydswith the creation and writing of the ILO MLC 2006importance of open communication and collaboration Registry training class on the International Labourconvention.His intimate knowledge of the subjectwith Flag Administrations in providing the excellent Organization (ILO)- Maritime Labour Conventionmatter allowed the class to quickly navigate the keycustomer service to our clients, while promoting and (MLC) 2006 in Piraeus, Greece. topics and questions, while understanding how and whymaintaining the highest levels of safety and compliance.This convention has been hailed as the bill of rights forthe code is created the way it is.The industry continues to learn and adapt to the latest seafarers.The focus of the course was to explore theMCM has numerous managed yachts that operatechanges in EU VAT and Customs procedures and MLC code, identify key objectives and characteristicscommercially and are required to meet the ILO MLCregulations. This complex and rapidly evolving area of of the convention, and to look at the structure andconvention standards.This class has helped to furtherSuperyacht operations continues to keep us all on our fundamentals of the code as well as the practical sideMCMs knowledge in this area and increase our ability totoes and MCMs strong network of expert fiscal advisors of inspections and certifications needed to meet therespond to owner and crew concerns/questions as theyare on hand to provide sound technical advice and requirements of this convention. We were fortunatepertain to the MLC. recommendations for our clients regarding EU imports, to have a Lloyds instructor/ surveyor who was involvedexports, and charter compliance.'