b'PROJECT K2 WITH HERHORTENSE UNIQUE CHARACTERREFITThe world girdling tour of 2018 took Hortense from the icy depths of Antarctica to the splendor of Alaska (including mooring amongst the fleet of the TV show Deadliest Catch). She then logged yet more miles backtracking to the Falkland Islands via the Straits of Magellan as the ice was not sufficiently receded to transit the North West passage.To conduct the yachts 10-year survey, the owner decided to return to the original build yard, JFA in France.At JFA, many of the well-travelled systems were serviced to return them to their as-built standard. The shipyard were excited to be entrusted with Hortenses care for the yard refit period, particularly, as many of the original craftsmen are still working at the yard.Interestingly, an apprentice who worked on the original build became the project manager for the refit!Photo :Andrew Wright/PendennisSince the late 2019 spring arrival of her aluminumby decorative detailing from design studio Ken Fulk hull, Pendennis Shipyard have been hard at work onInc., featuring special finishes, woods and fabrics, and this 39m sloop from Hoek Designproject K2.referencing a Hawaiian theme. She is a close hull sister to the award winning VijonaraWork on board process well and on time. After her though on deck and inside shows very much her ownwinter at Pendennis she is scheduled for handover early character.summer 2020.The traditional Hoek designed teak interior will be lifted ZURN DESIGNED ELEGANT SPEEDSTERWe are working with the well-known motor yachtThe yard selection process is underway. designer, Doug Zurn through the development of aWe look forward to keeping you updated through high speed custom 21.3m composite vessel.Instagram and Facebook as the decisions are made.The client has issued a very clear mandateshe isLOA: 21.34mto be built to Superyacht quality, easily operated andBeam: 5.72mmaintained, comfortable and seaworthy.Draft: 1.4mPowered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 1350 1000HPTop speed: 38 knotsD-13s with DPS, shell be swift, a joy to handle and toConstruction: Compositemaneuver.Designer: Doug ZurnShe has two principal uses, as a serious offshore fishingNaval Architect: Doug ZurnPhoto : Courtesy of Crewyachtand also for cruising with friends and family.Interior Design: Doug Zurn Through clever design by Doug, she is easily transformedBuilder: TBAbetween the two modes.'